Dimension-Polyant’s unique Tyra Technology®

This set-up is unique worldwide. It allows to combine  proven technology with the latest and most innovative filament technology which has led to an undisputable evolution in laminates.

• The inner matrix-structure utilizes a broad range of off- angle support and dpi.
• Tyra PLY® range is available for boat lengths up to approximately 60 ft


Thinner – lighter – stronger
  • Innovative & complementary advancement
  • Unique overall performance
  • Stable shape profile
  • Design flexibility

Technical Highlights

  • Spread filament-based technology
  • Best weight-to-modulus-ratio
  • Exceptional support of off-angle loads
  • Filmless & ultra-thin
The use of Tyra PLY® enables unique profile stability in higher windspeeds and offers a significant reduction of weight compared to classic laminates and even membranes.