Our most popular and rapidly evolving line of furled downwind sails. We were among the first companies to test and introduce FSL sails in 2018.

Furling Structure Luff it’s a new type of sail in which the luff design eliminates the heavy anti-torsion rope needed in traditional furling. The sail construction uses unidirectional, continuous yarns which transfer the load from tack to head along the natural line of stress distribution, thanks to which the sail does not require huge stresses on the halyard as in case of sails with anti-torsion rope. FSL sails can have up to 30% less luff tension than AT rope sails, making these sails lighter, safer and easier to handle.

In the 2023 season, we introduced a thin AT line to our FSL Code, Flat Reacher, and Reacher sails to increase the rolling volume and prevent accidental unfurling.