Moth International 2024  Max area 8.25

We are happy to present Model, which we intend to offer as the first sail in our collection. Our entire design was guided by the goal of not only delivering an advanced sail with the latest aerodynamic requirements and trim needed for our class but also ensuring that the construction is easy to rig, trim, and that the sail is as durable as possible.

After extensive testing of our prototypes as well as existing competitor sails, we decided to incorporate a Structural Mast Pocket, in which we used high quality Carbon Prepreg Battens  that connect directly to individually designed rotators for each batten. These rotators are attached to Dyneema lines to create a rigid and responsive structure for the boom and Cunningham tension. We’ve applied the durable and proven Maxx Endumax laminate with non-filament Dyneema tapes. We’ve also used custom batten tensioners to match the profile dimensions of the battens used. Additionally, we’ve implemented a symmetrical load transfer construction to evenly distribute stress across the sail, ensuring a consistent profile on every tack. 

All of this is packaged at a very attractive price point, allowing a larger number of sailors to afford a new sail and change it as often as they desire.

The sail features a relatively large return with the max camber position shifted aft and greater tension on the leech. This design has allowed us to achieve better VMG both upwind and downwind.


1200 euro net (Preoder till 10.12.2023)

1800 euro net (Regular price)

+ 150 euro net ( transport in the EU )

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Mast cover for Moth sail.


  • possibility to order 2 lengths depending on mast 500cm or 510cm
  • additionally reinforced with foam on the inside
  • durable fabric
  • BRIT SAILS inscription
  • velcro fastener
  • handle in the middl
  • place for signature


65 euro net


Magic sheet LIROS

• working stretch < 8 %
• great in turning blocks, fastest manoeuvres
• Polyester grip fibres provide best cover-core attachment and perfect grip for optimal control in any situation
• very compact non splice construction


2,5 euro/m net