Produced in EU since 1980


OWS is an excellent upgrade from traditional sail slides to reduce friction when hoisting and dousing the main sail. It fits earlier models of Seldén sections and most other mast makes. The four wheels roll on the aft side of the mast section while the slug slides inside the luff groove. The depth and the shape of the slug is designed for dedicated mast sections and there are five different designs to chose between.


Outer Wheel Sliders (OWS) used as intermediate sliders.


Outer Wheel Sliders (OWS) with M10 bolt connectors.


Seldén’s composite receptacles are available for boats up to approximately 45’ and allow for round and flat battens. They all connect to cars with M10 studs such as MDS, OWS, IWS and RCB.

To open the cover, just unscrew the locking screw a few turns and push the cover back. If you would drop it – it is secured to the body with a safety cord. Through the slot in the cover you will see the tensioning device and indicators on the cover will enable you to record the perfect batten tension. A unique feature of the A17, FA-22 and FA-30 is that the tension of the batten can be adjusted both from the front end of the fitting as well as from the rear.

Rutgerson’s 1490 batten fitting system

Rutgerson’s 1490 batten fitting system is a cost efficient and flexible solution for fully battened applications.  

Available for both knock-on shackle or battcar applications.

How to choose Batten Fittings & Receptacles

In the diagram you will see which model of Rutgerson’s batten fittings and receptacles are recommended depending on boat size. Please note that these are general recommendations, based on standard boats cruising in average weather conditions.