Palma- Tec is a composite laminate made with recycled Black rPET and Black Ultra PE. Palma Tec has a tighter X scrim. The visual appearance is a technical carbon-looking sail with a grey shade.


Ultra PE Enhanced Cruising Laminates

These modern cruise laminates use all inlaid fiber without scrims for highest performance and efficiency. Sandwiched between taffetas, they are soft and strong with tremendous lamination adhesion for excellent durability. Using large and tough black polyester high tenacity fibers in several directions, they both handle off angle loads, and are untearable.

  • The combination of black fibers between white taffetas produces a light grey color.
  • All styles are available with increasing density of warp fiber inserts.
  • Special UV resistant recycled film is used.
  • Both sides are bonded with polyester taffetas which increase in density on the heavier styles, for better abrasion and UV resistance.

*All fiber is black