To produce the world’s finest spinnaker cloths, Contender works closely with their fibre producers, weavers and the outstanding German finishing company KBC. Thanks to this close co-operation and constant consultation with sailors and sailmakers all over the world, we have built up an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of spinnaker cloth.

The exact balance of weight, stability, tear strength and breaking strain of Nylite and Maxilite cloths comes from the quality of the fibres, the weave and the finish of their construction. Nylite and Maxilite spinnaker fabrics are impregnated with a durable melamine finish and developed with the quality conscious cruising sailor in mind.

The choice of Nylite or Maxilite fabric is determined by the size of your yacht and the conditions in which you want to sail. Both types of fabric have excellent resistance to tearing and good stretch resistance and they will give you many years of great sailing performance.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: NYLITE_MAXILITE_pdf

*The color samples on display are non-binding. Depending on screen and printer settings, display may deviate from original to differing extent. Sample cards are available upon request.

**Please note that fluorescent colors are not colourfast. They fade faster than regular colors as a result of exposure to sunlight. These fluorescent dyes also tend to weaken the cloth and make it less tear-resistant. Given that this is the case, Contender does not recommend the use of fluorescent colors for cruising spinnakers.