An ultra-stable and lightweight performance laminate.

Asymmetrical MAXX® concept has evolved further in a technically sophisticated range of laminates for cross-cut applications. Thanks to the high performance Endumax film, it have been successfully engineered a 3rd generation MAXX® laminate. Endumax is a unique product from Teijin Aramid, a super high modulus film, 1.5 times the modulus of aramid, with excellent flex and UV properties. The very thin film tapes allow to cross-ply them without crimp by laminating them between two layers of specially UV treated polyester film. MAXX® Endumax GP will meet the highest of standards of modern sail design. In the MAXX® concept, the Endumax tapes are incredibly thin which makes for a laminate with perfect encapsulation around the tapes and eliminates any water absorption.

What are the key properties of MAXX Endumax?

  • Zero water absorption
  • Zero folds
  • Exceptionally low stretch
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very good UV resistance due to the use of specially UV-treated polyester film in combination with Endumax

The benefits of sail made in MAXX® Endumax GP

  • Membrane looks, extremely high performance, combined with the advantages of roll goods