“An ultra-stable performance sailcloth.”

Asymmetrical Maxx concept has evolved further in a technically sophisticated range of laminates for cross-cut applications.

Thanks to the recently developed Endumax film, we have successfully engineered a 3rd generation of the Maxx laminate concept. Endumax is a new product from Teijin Aramid, a super high modulus film, 1.5 times the modulus of aramid, with excellent flex and UV properties. The very thin film tapes allow to cross-ply the tapes without crimp by laminating them between two layers of specially UV treated polyester film. MAXX Endumax Enduro will meet the highest standards of modern sail design.

In the MAXX concept, the Endumax film tapes are laid asymmetrically at various angles so that the sail forces are evenly distributed in the sail. Unlike the round profile of conventional high modulus fibers, Endumax tapes are incredibly thin which makes for a laminate with perfect encapsulation around the tapes and eliminates any water absorption. With MAXX Endumax, sails are easy to trim and can retain their designed shape over a very wide working range.

What are the key properties of MAXX Endumax?

  • Zero water absorption
  • Zero folds
  • Exceptionally low stretch
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very good UV resistance due to the use of specially UV-treated polyester film in combination with Endumax

Advantages of Endumax Maxx

  • Performance and appearance of the membrane, rolled product ready for sale, so you can decide when you want to build a sail.
  • The wide angular stability of MAXX laminates makes sails highly trimmable, with a broader range of operation and greater longevity.

MAXX Endumax Enduro properties

  • Endumax Enduro: Double taffeta for maximum durability. (All mainsails and jib/genui furlers)
  • Endumax Enduro: Taffeta / Taffeta