Hydra Net®

The modern endurance king of our woven range: Hydra Net® is ultramodern, unique and pioneering in the sailcloth market. Did you know that over 70 % of sails worldwide require high strength woven polyester sail cloth? Dimension-Polyant has developed particular production methods for it. This tightly woven high tenacity fabric includes a stabilizing „net“ of the high-performer Ultra-PE to make it a perfect choice for offshore cruisers. Our in-house high-tech looms and our DP team have learned and love to create Hydra Net® because of its many popular features. You will enjoy using it a lot! This easy to store sailcloth guarantees comfortable handling, offers a higher flex strength, is much less prone to mildew problems and bribes with better durability which exceeds that of other woven polyester fabrics. It’s no secret that Hydra Net® is also highly appreciated by sailmakers around the globe as it enables them to offer high-tech sails in a woven construction. Which is not possible for very long and has been developed by Dimension-Polyant’s persevering and further thinking R&D engineers. Hydra Net® is an ideal and reliable companion, an easy to handle and furl superior fabric for high performance offshore cruisers.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: Hydra_Net_E_pdf