Bryt Team takes another one!

Congrats to Tymoteusz Bendyk, who just won another A cat event – A-CLASS – SPRING REGATTA 2022 held by CircoloVela Arco by Lake Garda.

Tymek and Jakub Surowiec did participate in quite a few regattas last time, most of them dominated by duet, but they didn’t race against each other for almost a year now. Nevertheless as a development team, together with Jacek they do exchange experience.

Below a bit of our “whatsup” talk with Tymek after the regatta.

Good fleet in the Spring regatta in Arco. What was the main advantage you had?

“It seems that the main advantage was the reliable and well prepared equipment- I didn’t have any issues. Manolo and Lamberto who were pushing me hard, had some problems and didn’t finished all races. I found a great stable settings for the upwind foiling in medium/strong winds and was gaining there. The 2022 Bryt sail is super nice in this conditions. “

Rumor is that you tried different mast-sail setups. What did you find and what is for now your weapon of choice?

“ Yeah I did few tests with a prototype Compotech mast and Kuba’s sail (POL 41). For this regatta eventually I choose to use the tapered Fiberfoam mast with my sail (black cloth). I’m happy with this setup in all conditions below 18 knots. There is still some work to do with that in stronger winds.”

Kuba: What changes do you expect before Europeans in September?

“For now that is all secret, but we are working on some development in mast-sail setup. About the platform, I don’t know anything about new changes. It is super stiff and reliable and that’s most important now.”

Season has just started, Kuba and you already trained a lot in Lake Garda. Kuba is World Vice Champ and you won Regatta in Garda twice. Whats the plan to keep the good shape for the Europeans?

“The Polish A-class fleet is pretty strong so the idea is to practice mostly in Sopot. Maybe some of us will go for the Dutch Championships.Of course you are all welcome to Polish Championships in July.”

I guess that you can’t get such a good pizza in Sopot that’s why you are here so often?

“With such a view everything tastes better. I really love this place!”

It will be interesting to see the Team collect and line up in Sopot after such a long period. It will be a perfect time to prepare the equipment. Exploder platforms keep doing well with updated rudder system. Kuba already tested a prototype of Bryt Sail PinHead in Huston, but so far Standards 2022 can’t be beaten.