If you are a cruising yachtsman who is looking for a Code Zero or Reacher that is tough and can be trimmed easily, Stormlite is the most suitable cloth for you. The combination of polyester yarn with melamine impregnation make Stormlite into a cloth that retains its shape better than spinnaker fabric made of nylon.

Stormlite retains its shape even under extreme conditions due to the high tensile strength of the polyester yarns. The fabric also has improved durability because of its good UV resistance compared to nylon.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: STORMLITE_pdf

*The color samples on display are non-binding. Depending on screen and printer settings, display may deviate from original to differing extent. Sample cards are available upon request.

**Please note that fluorescent colors are not colourfast. They fade faster than regular colors as a result of exposure to sunlight. These fluorescent dyes also tend to weaken the cloth and make it less tear-resistant. Given that this is the case, Contender does not recommend the use of fluorescent colors for cruising spinnakers.