square head MAINSAIL

All our sails are produced on the bases of individual projects powered by innovative design program SailPack.  This is the most technically advanced type of sail. The wide headboard provides a perfect sail twist and reduces induction vortex, which are a source of drag which ensures high sail efficiency. This type of sail is most often found on yachts with racing rigs as well as some multihulls. The sails we produce are complete and ready to go straight away.

Standard features:

  • Fullbattens or mix of full/short battens configuration
  • E-Glass Tapered Battens from our production
  • Antal symmetric batten receptacles
  • Selden/Antal fullbatten receptacles
  • Selden fullbatten cars
  • Simple Luff Slides
  • Aluminium headboard
  • Cunningham
  • Reef Points (1 or more)
  • Polyester trimlines
  • Loose Foot
  • Draft stripes (colors available)
  • Telltales
  • Sail bag

Optional features:

  • Dyneema trimlines
  • Overhead leech trimline
  • RBS or BlueStreak Battens
  • Spreader patches
  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Possibility of taking ORC measurements
  • Reflective draft stripes ( information)
  • *and many more