Professional quality fabric for asymmetrical spinnakers on lightweight racing boats.

Maxikote spinnaker fabric is woven with polyester yarns and finished with our very stable and durable polyurethane coating. The result is that Maxikote has very little elasticity and makes very form-stable sails due to its low stretch.The stability and the range of weights of the Maxikote series are designed so that your sailmaker can combinedifferent weights of compatible cloth to achieve the best strength/weight ratio for your spinnaker.

Maxikote is especially designed to meet the specific performance requirements of asymmetric spinnakers on the latest generation light displacement yachts, dinghies and catamarans.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: MAXIKOTE_pdf

*The color samples on display are non-binding. Depending on screen and printer settings, display may deviate from original to differing extent. Sample cards are available upon request.