Filmless membrane material is 100% made in Italy. Filmless is more durable and stable than previous versions of taffeta sails. Beause they are lighter and have an enhanced shape stability, they can be sailed on racing and offshore boats with outstading results.

Filmless – features
– mold and UV shielded
– shape stability enhanced up to more han 5 years
– lighter

Filmless – key facts:
– Production started in 2016
– Multiple ocean crossings by different types of boats, including IMOCA, Multi50, Open50,cruising multi and monohulls equipped with Filmless membrane
– Hundreds of boat-owners satisfied all over the wirld, from Spitzberg to Rio de Janeiro, from Turkey to Japan
– None of these sails have been substituted because of any technical problem.

Manufacturer’s folder:¬†Powerplast_pdf