If you are an ambitious cruising sailor and look for a low stretch material, then here is your straight forward answer: Dimension-Polyant’s DCX cruising laminates have been developed with the aim of producing a high durability fabric. Of course, we know that it is almost equally important to serve you with a sail that is easy to handle for furling purposes. Thus, our sophisticated line is produced by providing a mesh embedded in two films with a special taffeta on both ends. The mesh fabrics used offer an excellent warp stretch value as well as a high tear strength. The film covering taffetas are robust and additionally coated with our unique UVM® Finish, adding two more desired features to the sail: It will be protected against harmful UV radiation and mildew growth gets reduced. Now, Dimension-Polyant’s DCX line represents one of the latest sandwich laminate developments in the industry. To create the DCX line we have upgraded the DC mother line by a 9° X-PLY®. Your sail will definitely benefit from this significantly increased support for the occurring diagonal forces.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: DCX-Line_E_pdf