C-breeze products offer a low aspect construction. This means that the warp and fill fibers are well balanced, resulting in improved bias stability. Both, warp and fill fibers are high tenacity. The good tensile strength directly relates to the overall strength of the yarn and its resistance ability under load, resulting in a better shape retention over the life of the sail as permanent stretch is reduced.

C-Breeze sailcloth appears to offer sailors a reliable and durable option for their cruising sail . It focuses on maintaining sail shape and reducing permanent stretch, which are essential factors for sail performance and longevity. Available in a variety of color options.

C-Breeze fabric is a material with an use for low aspect construction sails.

C-Breeze sailcloth will be a reliable and durable cruising solution for small and medium-sized yachts.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: C_Breeze_E_pdf