All our sails are produced on the bases of individual projects powered by innovative design program SailPack. The concept of a furling mainsail is to furl and reef the sail easily and quickly. To make this possible, the sail design and construction must be precisely fit to your furling system. Due to the large variety of furling systems such matching requires detailed knowledge and experience. Our designers and sailmakers meet this challenge and prepare a functional sail in perfect shape.  The sails we produce are complete and ready to go straight away.

Standard features:

  • Hollow leech roach without battens
  • Antal sheet block 
  • UV protection  in clew (colors available: weathermax or masacril)
  • Soft reinforcement in head and tack to good furling
  • Leech polyester trimlines
  • Draft stripes
  • Sail bag

Optional features:

  • Furling compensation foam*
  • Dyneema trimlines
  • Spreader patches
  • *and many more

*only possible if the rolling system allows it