Baltic Code Zero laminates are ultra- high value performance laminates for code zero racing applications. The Baltic range was designed with light weight taffetas, high modulus aramid and high tenacity polyester fibers for high performance. Five styles are available, all of which use an efficient 22° inlaid X with either black polyester or black Twaron for the warp inserts.

Baltic Code Zero Race is for medium to large racing boats that need the highest quality and performance. For OD classes where only polyester fiber is permitted we have Baltic 6. Baltic combines the strength and power of several materials into one premium product. It contains precision laminated light weight taffeta film with polyester or aramid warp inserts. Baltic is treated with Ultrafresh anti-mildew.

Baltic CZ Race contains a full range of weights. The warp black Twaron inserts go up to 8000 dpi for heavy- weight sailing needs.

*All fiber is black