AP Low Aspect

As our very popular member of the Dacron family, AP Low Aspect combines the best properties of more than one world to achieve a wellbalanced and perfectly executed multitalented sail cloth. It fulfils two basic demands, enables sails to hold their shape over a wide wind range and achieves long-term durability. Providing strength and low elongation in the primary direction on one hand, AP Low Aspect delivers excellent bias stretch resistance at the same time. Additionally, it does resist long-term loads as a result of a carefully thought-through cloth construction in interaction with its respective finish. AP Low Aspect comes in various finishes like HMTO, MTO, HTP® plus, FTO and in cloth weights from 4.7 Sm-oz to 11.2 SM-oz, individually composed to the wishes of its future owners. We’ll be happy to introduce you to its almost unlimited talents and make sure to control each step of the production from weaving to beat-shrinking and finishing. The happy end of the story: a high-performing fabric at your service.

Manufacturer’s data sheet: AP_Low_Aspect_E_pdf